Polyurethane parts in vehicle's suspensions

Polyurethane parts in vehicle’s suspensions

Technological progress has not bypassed the most popular means of transport – car. With advanced technologies the car becomes more complex. Suspension of the car has undergone a lot of changes since the invention of the wheel. Many different kinds of automotive suspension components are developed, the electronic control of the suspension is in use, and all this for the implementation of trivial tasks of suspension – ensuring smooth driving and safety.

Use of the parts from polyurethane in a vehicle suspension improves its characteristics. Driving control increases, reduces the response time of a vehicle on the movement of the steering wheel, ie, the steering becomes “sharper”. Reduces the body roll when cornering. The geometry of the suspension becomes more stable. All this directly takes a positive effects on the safety and comfort of driving.

Polyurethane saves its characteristics over a wide temperature range, high endurance allows to exploit successfully the polyurethane parts in different climatic conditions. The interval between overhauls increases, the costs associated with repair and maintenance of the suspension are reduced.

Competent and professional implementation (selection, installation, operation) of polyurethane parts is a key to a long and trouble-free operation of your vehicle suspension.

For a deeper familiarization with the material they are made of, we give below a specification of polyurethane and a comparison of its characteristics with those of rubber.

Name of physical / mechanical indicator



Operating temperature range, °С / °F

-60 °С ~ +120 °С /

-76 °F ~ 248 °F

-35 °С ~ +150 °С /

-31 °F ~ 302 °F

Shore A hardness

65 – 85 (programmable parameter)

65 – 80

Rebound elasticity (%)



100% Modulus (Mpa)



300% Modulus (Mpa)


fails the test

Ultimate tensile strength (kg/cm²)



Tensile elongation (%)



Type C tear strength (N/mm)



Abrasion resistance



The latest achievements in chemistry allowed to DESIGN polyurethane properties for special purposes in the industry. Suspension bushings, these are the most vivid examples of PU use in a car. PU parts perfectly withstand great alternating loads in hard operating conditions and do not lose its characteristics for many years.

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