Removal and Installation guide of the Stabilizer Bar and Bushings

Removal and Installation guide of the Stabilizer Bar and Bushings

Attention! Due to the structural diversity of the mounting of shock absorbers to the suspension and the body of the car, only the general principles of the bushings replacement are considered in this manual.


  1. Unscrew the elements of the sway bar end bushings’ mounting to the suspension and the body of the car.
  2. Remove the bushings’ mounting elements.
  3. Remove the worn bushings by any suitable way.
  4. Remove the metal spacers, if any, applied to the torque rod.
  5. Clean the bushings’ mounting elements from rust and dirt. Rate the degree of wear and damage to these elements. Replace if necessary.
  6. Clean the bushings’ bearings on the sway bar.

Stabilizer Bar Bushings guide diagram sb17

Stabilizer Bar Bushings guide diagram sb18


  1. Compare the diameters of the bearings and new bushings. Make sure of right choice of the bushings.
  2. Lubricate the new bushings and bearings on the sway bar with the grease supplied in the kit, or any other consistent grease.
  3. Install new bushings in bearings.
  4. Install the busbings’ mounting elements and fix to the car’s suspension
  5. Check the evenness of bushings placement in the bearings.


Attention! The tightening of the fixing bolts must be performed on the loaded suspension, when car stands on wheels on the plain surface. Tightening force is according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.



*Are not a result of the parts defects and can’t be considered as a warranty case.

Sway bar bushing squeaks.

Bushing is extruded or crushed.

Wearout of the sway bar housing areas.



Housing area is not cleaned from the rust and dirt.



Grease is washed out over time or the grease was not attached during the installation.



Wrong choice of the bushings (incorrect OEM).



Improper placement of the bushing’s cutting under the clamp.



Hammer tools are forbidden diagram sb11

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